Friday, 13 November 2009

Wiki Quiz goes live

After months of hard work, we now have an exciting new addition to the WikiVet site called WikiQuiz.

WikiQuiz is a directory of multiple choice quizzes on a wide range of veterinary topics, which are integrated within the existing Wikivet content. These quizzes cover all levels of the veterinary course and can be used as a self assessment resource for users who want to test their knowledge of a particular topic or as a revision tool. Each question incorporates feedback on the correct and incorrect answers and links to articles with further information on that topic. Most importantly, every question has been reviewed and approved by a relevant expert, to ensure the highest level of quality assurance across the quiz.

WikiQuiz, which now has a link on the home page is the result of collaboration between students, graduates and academics from four UK vet schools, and has been supported with funding from the RCVS Trust. We currently have over 30 live quizzes, with work ongoing on a further 30 which will be uploaded over the next few months. It is hoped that this will be a widely used and ever increasing resource for veterinary students worldwide, and would like to thank all the students, practitioners and staff who have contributed to the development of WikiQuiz.

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