Thursday, 21 August 2014

RVC shares anatomy images with Wellcome Trust

The eMedia Unit has been working with the Wellcome Trust to share images of anatomical specimens at the RVC. These range from historical dissections stored in formalin pots - brought alive by the latest in digital photography.

The images are free for users to access in low resolution from the Wellcome Trust Images site. The Trust also provides access to high resolution versions which can be printed out on A0 at the most amazing quality .... we have several in our office and they look great!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Virtual Patients - Cardiocases

The RVC has developed an interactive online learning platform in which the user navigates through clinical cardiology scenarios. This provides vets and veterinary students with a simulated experience in treating cardiac small animal patients. Compared with passive methods of learning, an interactive case-based approach promotes development of clinical decision-making skills and is a challenging and fun way to learn.

This Flash simulation is the first in a series of interactive cardiology virtual patients. Users can apply their knowledge and decision making skills to manage a cardiology case from presentation to treatment. This project was supported by Novartis. Requires Flash 9 or later.

Click to view Powerpoint Poster

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

First Year Birthday for EuFMD - eMedia Collaboration

The RVC eMedia Unit is proud to have been working with the EuFMD team on developing their e-learning site. The quality and commitment of the team has produced an outstanding resource which has had widespread praise from users throughout Europe and further afield. 

Well done to you all!

                 ** it's our e-learning site's birthday today!** 

The EuFMD's e-Learning site is one year old today!! The site, produced in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, now has over 400 registered users.

It hosts the EuFMD's online training courses, including:

- Induction and Refresher training courses for participants in EuFMD's Real Time Training programme.
- The online FMD Emergency Preparation Course, which prepares veterinarians to diagnose and investigate an FMD outbreak.
- Webinars to update, network and train participants from EuFMD's member states and beyond.
- Induction training for EuFMD's workshops on the use of modelling as a decision support tools.
- A repository of FMD related resources.

The site is developing rapidly, with translation of the existing training courses now underway, and additional training courses in development. The FMD Emergency Preparation Course will be available in French and Russian later this month, with additional language versions planned for later in 2014.

Email for more info!

Check our website:

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                                          **HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!**

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Flipped lectures - presentation to Bloomsbury Learning Environment 21st May 2013

Presentation on the use of Flipped Lectures at the RVC for inductions on rotation and revision.

Watch the Panopto Recording here of the lecture.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Global Learning for Global Health Professionals

Global Learning for Global Health Professionals | lidcblog:

An overview of the Global Student project that the RVC has been a partner in. See more about this work at 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Video Learning in Veterinary Education

This is a webinar that we recently recorded with Mediacore on using video to support veterinary education at the RVC. In particular in this video we discuss the new opportunities arising from the use of the latest video technologies.

Virtual Tours

We have been working on creating a virtual tour of the RVC campus based on a series of panoramic digital images. Each panorama comprises a series of high resolution raw images which are first stitched together to create a 360 degree panoramic views.

Using the Pano2VR software package, we then imported all the panoramic scenes into one combined tour. Within the tour it is possible to create hotspot links from scene to scene or use an overlay map to help guide the user around the tour.

Pano2VR offers some good additional features such as the ability to embed media and information pages within the tour. You can even add a sound track which is linked to your position in the tour.

We feel that this package provides a good opportunity for prospective students visiting our web site to tour the campus and determine if this is the right place for them to study

If you would like to know more about how we created these tours, please drop me an email : Nick Short (