Thursday, 5 April 2012

Moodle and meerkats in the field!

This photo is of Jenny Maud who graduated as a vet from Cambridge University in 2006 (and a friendly meerkat!).

The photo was taken in the middle of the Kalahari desert where she was carrying out a research project on meerkats whilst simultaneously administering the online content of distance learning courses at the RVC. She is now working on the Global Citizenship project.

Using a satellite modem link and a laptop, Jenny was able to log in to Moodle and enrol new users whilst watching her meerkats...... now that is a pretty cool use of technology!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Flash Cards on WikiVet

Flashcards from Manson Books on WikiVet

Manson Self assessment book sample questions converted into WikiVet format. Each question has links to at least to one regular WikiVet page, that has also been either written from the start or checked and updated.
Manson logo.gif
Equine Orthopaedics and Rheumatology Q&A
21 questions
Small Mammals Q&A
21 questions
Avian Medicine Q&A
25 questions
Equine Internal Medicine Q&A
23 questions
Cattle Medicine Q&A
11 questions
Sheep Medicine Q&A
11 questions
Small Animal Dermatology Q&A
22 questions
Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine Q&A
21 questions
Cytology Q&A
18 questions
Rabbit Medicine and Surgery Q&A
21 questions
Feline Medicine Q&A
24 questions
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Q&A
22 questions
Veterinary Dentistry Q&A
22 questions
Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Q&A
22 questions
Small Animal Orthopaedics Q&A
18 questions
Small Animal Abdominal and Metabolic Disorders Q&A
19 questions
Ornamental Fish Q&A
26 questions
Reptiles and Amphibians Q&A
24 questions

CABI datasheets

CABI Datasheets on WikiVet

The following links to data sheets abstracted from the CABI Veterinary Compendium as part of the WikiVet OVAL project. Each of these pages has been reviewed and has associated flashcards questions linking from it. 
CABI logo.jpg