Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Video Learning in Veterinary Education

This is a webinar that we recently recorded with Mediacore on using video to support veterinary education at the RVC. In particular in this video we discuss the new opportunities arising from the use of the latest video technologies.

Virtual Tours

We have been working on creating a virtual tour of the RVC campus based on a series of panoramic digital images. Each panorama comprises a series of high resolution raw images which are first stitched together to create a 360 degree panoramic views.

Using the Pano2VR software package, we then imported all the panoramic scenes into one combined tour. Within the tour it is possible to create hotspot links from scene to scene or use an overlay map to help guide the user around the tour.

Pano2VR offers some good additional features such as the ability to embed media and information pages within the tour. You can even add a sound track which is linked to your position in the tour.

We feel that this package provides a good opportunity for prospective students visiting our web site to tour the campus and determine if this is the right place for them to study

If you would like to know more about how we created these tours, please drop me an email : Nick Short (nshort@rvc.ac.uk).