Friday, 3 October 2008

What is this blog about?

For sometime we have been using an internal blog running within our Blackboard VLE (Learning Objects LX). This has been a useful team building tool, though we all find it takes a bit of discipline to keep adding to it. So it seems only natural to take the next step and produce a public blog linked in to our web site.

It feels a little indulgent to set up a blog publicising our own work. However we are not trying to suggest that we know better than anybody else out there what the solutions to e-learning are - far from it. Rather this is an attempt to share our experience and hopefully get the chance to learn from others - so please do feel inspired to add your comments to our postings.

The e-media Unit at the RVC is a talented team with a wide range of skills. This embraces everything from Coldfusion development, streaming video, podcasting, computer aided assessment, VLEs, e-CPD and online classrooms, digital images, clinical case recording, wikis and Google Apps. I hope that this blog will come to reflect a range of our experiences with different members of the team describing their own activities.

As a starting point you might like to take a look at our review site to get an idea of the kind of projects we are involved - see if you can save Jess, in our emergency clinical simulator.

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